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Masonry Restoration

What kind of repairs can you do?
Whether you need a complete brick chimney rebuilt or relined, minor tuckpointing, sealing cracks in your firebox, or a chimney cap, we can do it all. We employ one of the areas best brick masons, so you can count on the hightest quality of craftmanship.

We can reline, rebuild and/or restore all types of chimneys. If you are having drafting problems, we will thoroughly inspect your system and explain what the best solution would be to get your system back in proper working order. We use only stainless steel relining pipe, which comes with a lifetime warranty. If your fireplace needs replaced or just updated, we have many different options for you.

Perhaps your brick chimney is crumbling and unsafe. Our highly skilled mason that can rebuild a safe and very attractive chimney for you. Possibly you just need some slight restoration. Our expert mason can refurbish your existing chimney to like new condition.

      Or perhaps you need work done on the inside of your fireplace. Below is an example of a completely rusted out firebox and it rebuilt with new firebrick.

Rusted, unsafe firebox                           Rebuilt Firebox


We will write you a detailed estimate so you know exactly what work is needed and the cost involved. We take the time to examine the job completely and take proper measurements. Other sweeps may say they can beat our price if you let them see our estimate. But you should question Why aren't they qualified to write their own estimate and what corners are they cutting to lower the price? Call today for your FREE estimate on any repair.

Can you install a new chimney liner?
Yes. Many chimneys are built with terra-cotta clay liners. These, however, can crack over time and cause leaking of water, heat, and gases, which will deteriorate your chimney. That is when we recommend installing one of our stainless steel liners that carries a lifetime warranty. A cracked or crumbling liner is a potential fire hazard and needs to be corrected immediately.

Why do I need a chimney cap?

A chimney cap protects your heating system from excess rain, wind, debris, keeps sparks from coming up out of the chimney and keeps out critters that want to nest in your chimney. All of our caps are stainless steel and come with a lifetime warranty. When you get a minute, please check your chimneys and make sure they have a cap on them. If not, give us a call so we can inspect them and make sure your chimneys are clear of all debris and nesting. We can then install one of our caps for your protection.

Give us a call today, 489-2277, for a free estimate.

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