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"Your guys are very professional. The chimney looks perfect. Their clean up afterwards was great. I will pass your name on to anyone that needs chimney work done." Ron K.

"Please tell the owner that your employees did a wonderful job. They were very professional and great to work with." Larry R.

"We couldn't be happier with the chimney repair your company did. Your employees were professional, courteous and respectful of our property. They did an excellent job. The chimney looks like new!" Ann W."

"I wanted to call and tell you that your guys that work for you went above and beyond to make sure the job was done right. We have had numerous contractors out here and none of them were able to fix our problem but your guys did. They were nice, polite, devoted and educated. Your business card is hanging on my refrigerator. We will definitely refer your company. Thank you." Tom R.

"Thank you for the excellent service. We appreciate your supreme professionalism and friendly staff. We were treated very well by all! The wood stove and stone wall look amazing!" Sara V.

"The chimneys look wonderful. The guys were so polite and very professional. They went above and beyond. I am very happy." Sandie A.

"I wanted to call and tell you that your guys did an excellent job. They deserve a pat on the back. They were very thorough and took their time and inspected everything. Really nice job." Mark E.

"Your guys were just here to clean our fireplace and I wanted to call and tell you what an excellent job they did. They were very polite and friendly. Great service." Sandra S.

"I wanted to call and tell you that your guys did an excellent job. I am thrilled. They were very polite and professional. I will recommend your company to everyone." Patricia T.

"Excellent job! Couldn't be happier with the results." Sandy R.

"Very nice work! We are quite happy with the results of the chimney repair." Chuck K.

"Thank you! The chimney cap looks beautiful. Fantastic work. I am so thankful my daughter referred me to you." Shirley K.

I wanted to call and tell you that your guys did a great job. They were very polite and friendly. You have good guys working for you." Larry W. "

The guys did a great job. They cleaned up after themselves and were very neat. Job well done. I recommend you highly." Emilie B. "

We are so happy with your work. The chimney looks great!" Erika M. "

Your guys did an excellent job on rebuilding my chimney. You are excellent to work with!" Dave C. "

Curtis is a genius!!! The smoke is gone!!" Greg G. "

Great customer service and prompt repairs done at a great price. I called three other companies with no shows and I then contacted Chimney 1. I wish everyone could be as prompt and efficient going forward." Michelle S. "

Your guys did a wonderful job! Very professional and friendly and enjoyable to be with." Steve S. "

I wanted to call and tell you that your guys just left my house and what a great job they did and they are very personable." Dave R.

"Thank you for the superior work. Your employees are very dedicated and went above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied. We are extremely happy with your company." Deb D. "

Thanks for the great job you did. It looks fantastic." Dave R. "

We are pleased with how the chimney looks. Your guys did a great job on the brick repair." Bill R. "

Your guys did a great job. I am very pleased with your service. Absolutely excellent! Your guys were patient with me and explained everything about the job before they did it." Joan B. "

I am very pleased with your service. Your guys were very polite and personable." Jan D. "

We love your service! Your guys did a great job. We appreciate all you do for your customers. You are the best!" Marion S. "

Your guys were very professional and did a great job!" Mary S. "

We love our new fireplace. We so appreciate your work ethics. Plus your employees really love working for you. We will definitely be using you again!" Marion S.

"The chimney looks great and the bricks blend nicely. The guys did an excellent job! Thank you." Brenda C.

"Your guys did a FANTASTIC job. The wood stove insert turned out great. My wife loves it." Jerry S.

"I wanted to let you know that your guys are friendly and efficient. Plus I felt very comfortable having them in my house. I feel safe using my fireplace now. I appreciate your good service." Chris S.

"Thanks for the good work. It looks great." Diann G.

"Your guys were very professional and polite. I will recommend your services to anyone I know that needs chimney help." Dave P.

"My wife and I are loving our Napoleon wood stove insert. We have managed to cut our electricity bill in half so far." Jeff J.

"Thanks for the great service." Peter P.

"We are very happy with our Buck wood stove insert that you installed this winter. We have saved about $200 per month on our electric bill." Rob R.

"We wanted to let you know we are very pleased as a customer. Curtis blessed us with the way he did his work and thoroughness. He had our interests in mind and exceeded our expectations." Michael M.

"We love our Buck wood stove you installed. It is very efficient." Tom S.

"Thank you for putting your customers first. I think you went out of the way to make sure the fireplace insert was right. I think you treated us as you would family. Thank you again." Cheryl E. "

You are always so careful and neat. Keep me on your list for my next inspection and cleaning." Virginia Z. "

We are very pleased with our wood stove insert. Curt made it look amazing. Better than we imagined." Mark D.

"We want you to know we are really, really happy with the job you did rebuilding our chimney." John R. "

Please accept this additional payment. I appreciate your consideration and conscientious workmanship." Sincerly, Rosalie C.

"Wow. We just got home and saw our chimney and had to call. Please tell Curt he did a wonderful job. It looks better than what we imagined. We couldn't be happier. Thank you." Arlene E.

"Thank you again Curtis for your craftsmanship. We give your name to everyone "the ONLY 1 to call"!!" Jan B.

"Thank you for your work. Very professional." Elizabeth W.

"My new Buck Insert works very well and exceeds the output of my old Earth Stove Insert. I went thru much less wood this winter. It is a really nice unit. I'm glad I upgraded." Joe C.

"This Buck stove must be one of the best things on the planet. There is no comparison to the type of heat you get from the stove. It is priced great and it is amazing. The installation was so professional. Thank you Chimney 1. We could not be happier!" Rob & Kelly S.

"We want you to know that we LOVE our new Napoleon wood stove. We can keep the house very comfortable." Thanks, Bruce W.

"We received several quotes but Chimney 1 had the best price for rebuilding our brick chimney. Curtis, the owner, did a great job and he was very easy to talk to and understand. The appearance of the new chimney is incredibly beautiful." Brian B.

"Thanks for rebuilding my chimney. Everything looks great!" Dwayne B.

"Just a note to let you know that we love our wood stove insert in the fireplace! Our house has never been this warm. Thanks so much." Bob & Karen L.

"Just wanted to thank you for doing a great job on my chimney. The bricks match perfectly." Susan C.

"Chimney looks great! Thanks so much. Perfect job. I love it." Phyllis S.

"We really love our new wood stove. It actually looks better than we thought it would." Thank you, Jim C.

"Excellent job tearing down my chimney and putting up a new one. Great job cleaning up. I can't even tell your guys were here. Looks great." Tony M.

"The Buck stove works great! It does a wonderful job and we are glad to have it." Don B.

"Your materials, workmanship and site cleanup were excellent in rebuilding our chimney. I have dealt with many enterprises in both my work and private life and I rate your company among the best." Thank you. Howard L.

"Our chimney looks fabulous! You did such a great job." Thank you. Christine N. "The repair work you did to my chimney held up great under the wind and rain. No more leaks." Rick R.

"You guys tore down and rebuilt our chimney and everything looks great. The work was superb! Also, we can't wait for it to get cold so we can use our new wood stove." Jeff F.

"Both chimneys that you tuck pointed look great! Thanks!" Steve M.

"You guys did a great job rebuilding our chimney. I am very particular but I am really, really pleased with your quality of work. Really did a nice job". George M.

"I wanted to call and tell you that your guys did a beautiful job on cleaning out the dryer vent. The dryer works better than it has in years." Loretta S.

"I watched Curt install our chimney and was very impressed with his work. He is very particular and detailed. Right from the start of him providing me the quote he was very professional. I am referring my friends to you." Terry M.

"You saved our dryer! Thanks for cleaning our dryer vent. We don't have to run our clothes thru three times now to get them dry. They dry on the first cycle." Terri B.

"You guys did a very nice job on our chimney." Rick P.

"Thanks so much! We love the wood stove. It has been a great addition to our home." Aaron H.

"I am thrilled with the brick repair. Life's good. Excellent service!" Tony J. "Thank you for your excellent service and no mess." Becky C.

"We appreciate everything your company has done. Class A act!! Very professional." Thank you. Larry & Carol P.

"Thank you for the beautiful job you did. We cannot believe how good the chimney looks and the inside of the fireplace. We are so thrilled! We just had to call you guys and thank you. If you ever need a referral, put us down. We cannot say enough good things about you guys. Thank you." Cynthia W.

"You did a Great Job! Thank you so much & I will make sure to let friends know who need any chimney work done." Leslie G.

"The chimney looks great!! You did a great job." Thanks, Phil.

"Thank you for the courtesy call to get the matter taken care of as swiftly as possible. We will be sure to recommend Chimney 1 to friends & family alike and will use your services in the future as they're needed. Thank you for your time and courtesies!" Sommer B.

"Thank you for not only doing the work on my chimneys, but for doing it on time as promised. The results are superb. Also, I appreciate your company's professional approach to scheduling, billing and the price was right. From the initial phone call I could tell your operation was well organized. The fact that it only took one phone call puts you in an elite category when compared to other local services and businesses. Again, Thank you", Peter B.

"We love the gas logs you installed for us. We are able to enjoy the nice effects of a fire without the hassle. Plus now our fireplace is a great source of heat." Alex & Dorothea M.

"I just called to say GREAT JOB on tearing down and rebuilding our chimney. The new bricks match perfectly. It turned out better than I expected." Nancy O. "The new woodstove insert you installed has NEVER worked so well. We were amazed." David & Kathy H.

"Thanks Curt for installing my new woodstove. You did a great job. It looks so nice. We love the look of it and how it has saved us money on our heating costs." John & Tonya B.

"Thanks for doing a fantastic job on my chimney. You are the best contractor I have ever dealt with. I was amazed how well you cleaned the job site afterwards. I go out and look at my new chimney 2-3 times a day. Many Thanks," Larry B.

"You have great customer service. You did a great job removing our old chimney liner and installing a new stainless steel one. We will definitely use you again." Monte & Nancy G.

"We are excited you cleaned all the build up inside our woodstove chimney. We can't wait to use it again. Great job," Ron & Velma W.

"I was amazed when I called around to get different estimates how they varied so much. I made my decision based on your thorough explanation of the work needed and your being honest.. Thanks," Paul S.

"I am a very particular person. I was amazed you exceeded my expectations." Jim K.

"Our chimney was leaking. I called around and scheduled 3 estimates. The first 2 companies tried to sell me things I didn't need. Chimney 1 came out. He clearly explained the work that was needed and showed me pictures so I could actually see the problems. He did a great job! I even got up on the roof afterwards to check his work. Excellent job!! Thanks!!" Kathy H.

"Thanks for cleaning my dryer vent. It works like it did when I bought it years ago. I can dry our clothes much quicker now." Karen S.

"Thank you for doing a lovely job on rebuilding our fireplace. The results are beyond our expectations. Thank you." Kurt & Jill R.

"My brick furnace chimney was just about to collapse. I called around and got a few estimates so I could get the best deal. I ended up chosing Chimney 1 due to their honesty, they way they explained things in detail, and for the amount of work they did for the price. They were definitely the best choice. The technician did a fantastic job tearing down and rebuilding my chimney. He even ran into some complications and did not charge me anything extra. I am definitely passing out your business cards to my clients. Thanks." Alan B.

"My furnace chimney was leaking. I called Chimney 1. They said my chimney needed relined and tuckpointed. I had them do the work. Now my chimney is not leaking. Plus, there were stains on my brick fireplace. I asked if they had something to get those off. They even took the time to clean the brick and get most of the stains off. Great job." Rhonda H.

"I had my house built last year. I could not afford to have the contractor build me a brick light post like I wanted. So, I was pleased when a friend told me that Chimney 1 builds custom built brick light posts. I called them and now have my brick light post to complete the look at the front of my house. Thanks," Henry W.

"I called 6 different chimney companies, one being Chimney 1, to give me an estimate on repairing bricks on my leaking fireplace chimney. All the estimates varied in price and content, and even each company seemed to tell me something different. Some didn't explain things to me properly, some tried to take advantage of me by adding in things I didn't need, some told me they could not match my mortar and I would have to tear my chimney down completely. But, I was pleased to meet with Chimney 1. The technician carefully and clearly explained what needed done and that he could easily match my mortar, and he was going to do a lot more work for less money than the others. So, I had Chimney 1 rebuild my fireplace chimney and reline my furnace chimney. I was extremely pleased with his work. My new mortar matches perfectly with my old. You can't even tell where bricks were replaced. I am referring Chimney 1 to all my friends and family". Diane W.

"Our house had an old oil furnace in the basement that wasn't being used. We wanted to take the chimney out to give us more space upstairs. Chimney 1 came out and completely tore out that old chimney, plated it off in the basement, and hauled all the block away. They were very neat and friendly. We have recommended you to many others. Thanks," Scott & Vicki W.

"Our chimneys had severe damage from raccoons. I noticed in the Yellow Pages that Chimney 1 had free estimates . I called them out for an estimate. The technician was very pleasant, honest and clearly explained what needed done. I scheduled the estimate with him right then. He replaced a few courses of brick on one chimney and rebuild about half of the other. He did an excellent job. Thanks," Michelle A.

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